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With a style that identifies them for their musicality and virtuosity, Ariadna and Fernando know how to combine the essential tools of tango with the inherent feel of the embrace.
In a very short time they have been able to complement each other in a harmonious dance that mixes the viewpoint of a modern Tango with the essence of Tango, also making of their teaching a tool to spread their love of Tango in all of its expressions.

They have traveled the world participating in Festivals, Tango schools, Milongas and theaters, making their mark and breaking ground for a dance for and to other -their partner.
Currently, they are working on their technique looking at the dance not only in its form, but also in the way of dancing and feeling the Tango.

Ariadna and Fernando are simply Tango!


Guillermina Quiroga is considered one of the best female tango dancers in the world. She has influenced the role of the woman in the tango in a way that very few women have done so.

Her career as a tango dancer, choreographer, teacher, artist of multiple talents it placed her on the more prominent places in the tango scene.

In her dancing career, she’s been a soloist with the Julio Iglesias World Tour; she has performed along the Luis Bacalov, Mariano Mores and Color Tango orchestras; and she’s taken part of critically acclaimed shows like Tango x 2, Tango Argentino and Forever Tango on Broadway. She’s been featured in many films: “Naked Tango”, “Marie Galant”, “Assassination Tango” and “Valentina’s Tango”. She has also produced her own show: Tango, Historias Breves. Ms. Quiroga, ‘a queen of tango since the last century’ is considered by The New York Times ‘the Fonteyn of tango’. The NY based newspaper says that ‘the spell of her style begins in her stance. She has a marvelously composed persona and memorably elegant posture’. The LA Times says that Guillermina ‘is famous for fusing traditional tango steps with hyper-flexible leg extensions and athletic lifts. An engaging stage presence and a formidable talent.

She also has developed her own method in Tango Technique and focus on teaching around the world, and has been Judge many times at Preliminars and Finals of the official World Tango competition in Bs As, Argentina.


Mariano Logiudiche started to study Karate at the age of 7, and was doing it for many years; after reaching high standards (he won more than 70 competitions) and working seriously in this discipline he got the maximum prize becoming a World Champion in 1998 in Orlando, FL,USA .  He graduated as a National Professor of physical education. After retiring from competitions he dedicated his life to the teaching in Physical education and Sports at high school, and became a judge in many important competitions around the world.

On the meantime he discovered Tango, and started to study very intensively this new passion. He learned from a very prominent teachers in the Tango world as Raul Bravo, Juan Pablo Barbutti, Guillermina Quiroga, Andres Cejas, Olga Besio, Demian Garcia, Julio Balmaceda, among others.

He has worked as a tango teacher in Tanzba, Buenos Aires , Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires,  Club Gricel and Salon Canning. For the last four years Mariano has been teaching and performing in Europe, Asia, and many cities in United States with Guillermina Qurioga.

He graduated from the University in Argentina as a Psychologist, with the Thesis “Tango y vejez”(Tango and elderly) which explores the psychological benefits of the tango dancing on the elder people. He received a lot of compliments and special mention from the university judges with his work, and was pleased to keep going further on that path.

This, inspires Mariano to investigate more and leads him into creating a new activity that is a mixing of tango dance and physical education; together with Guillermina they start a new discipline, the union of tango dance and psychology, as therapy for people with physical and emotional needs.

As Guillermina’s partner, Mariano has taught and performed at the Tango Festival in Napoli, Italy March 2016; International Tango Festival in Shanghai, China, July 2016; Tangofest NYC 2016, in New York, USA, June 2016; Boston Tango Festival June 2016 and 2017; ATUSA, San Francisco International Festival and Championship, USA, April 2017 ; Hudson Tango Festival, NY,USA, May 2017 and New Jersey Tango Festival, NJ,USA, May 19-2017.


Nicholas Jones and Diana Cruz's enthusiastic teachers, choreographers, performers, dj's,  and musicians Nick & Diana are invited to tango festivals and workshops around the world.  They have created and performed the show "Tango Times" with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne; they have choreographed and performed at the "Tango Zone" in New York; they choreograph and perform at the "Parasol Arts" productions. They have been teachers and performers at tango festivals and special workshops in the United States and Canada, as well as in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are constantly touring, teaching and performing in Europe and Australia.  

They are also invited as performers with Live Music bands and orchestras such as, Exatsis Tango Quartet, Devotchka, the Georgia Symphony Orchestra, Strings Festival, Littleton Symphony Orchestra among others.

As dance teachers, Nick & Diana share, unreservedly, their technique and structure so that each individual student can ultimately reach their own expression in the dance. They believe that the goal of a teacher is to give everything away to the student, while the goal of the performer is to hide their secrets so they can enamor and bedazzle the audience. Nick & Diana do both with fluid ease and grace.


Their charismatic stage presence and personalities combined with their elegant style, creativity and extensive knowledge make them hugely popular with audiences and students alike. They have performed on some of the most prestigious world stages, both with their own dance company, Tango Bravo  and as part of international shows, such as Mariano Mores, The "Carlos Copes Tango Show" and "Tango Pasión" (with the renowned Sexteto Mayor), being original cast members and touring with the show for over 17 years. Los Ocampo divide their time between teaching at their schools around the world, touring widely and performing at prestigious international venues. They are also official adjudicators at the annual International Tango Championships in Argentina and other worldwide competitions. They are often engaged as cultural and artistic ambassadors for Argentine music and dance. They are masters not only of Argentine Tango, but also of Argentina’s folkloric dances, such as Chacarera, Escondido, Zamba and Malambo. They are the directors and organizers of the annual National Argentinian Festival of Folkloric Dance: "Encuentro con Los Maestros" in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Dancers, choreographers and masters of Argentine Tango, Adrian and Alejandra have been a professional couple since 1998. They rapidly became one of the most recognized couples of argentine tango of our time. Their impressive scenic interpretation and expressive capacity are received with enthusiasm in theaters and stages worldwide.

They were protagonists of the most important and acclaimed tango events as well as in the international tango festivals of the last 15 years (in cities such as Berlin, Rome, London, Paris, Lisbon, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai, Montreal, New York, Dallas, Boulder, Miami, Catania, Nice and others).

Since 2002 they have also been main master couple at C.I.T.A. (International Argentine Tango Congress) and the world dance championships organized by the world dance council.

They teach regularly in the United States at the Fred Astaire Studios as well as at several ballroom schools.

Between 2003 to 2010 they were choreographers and the main couple of the  “Otango“, “Cincotango“ and “Tanguisimo“ tango shows which were  highly successful  in Europe and America.

Adrian and Alejandra have also shared stage events and shows with famous orchestras such as el Sexteto Mayor, Color Tango, El Arranque, Los Reyes Del Tango and Sexteto Canyengue.

As teachers they are known for their immense professionalism, great technique and teaching methodology.

Based in Buenos Aires, they are superb representatives of the new generation of tango dancers.

Since 2012 they are judges at the Tango Festival and dance World Cup in Buenos Aires.


Cecilia Capello and Diego Amorin stand as one of the most playful and teasing couples of contemporary tango scene. They have explored tango potentiality from distinct angles developing an extremely versatile scenic production. With great personality they have achieved a unique and exceptional stile by appealing to the provocative use of theater and dance elements as well as for their direct interaction with legendary “milongueros” from whom they learnt directly the essence of argentine tango and its secrets.


Octavio Fernandez’s passion for Tango started when he was a teenager, inside a family atmosphere where Tango, Folklore and Rock 'n Roll were an everyday occurrence. Rodolfo Dinzel and Mauricio Seifert guided his first years of Tango.

In 2007, with his partner Carla Espinoza, gets the 3rd place at the "World Tango Salon Championship". That same year, he started working, as a professional dancer, at "Sensaciones de Tango", the Tango Show of the famous Cafe Tortoni of Bs. As., where he is still an active member of the artists staff. In the year of 2009 he was called, together with Corina Herrera, to join "Tango X2", the renowned company of Miguel Angel Zotto, performing a Show at the International Festival “LatinoAmericando” in Milan, Italy.

As a teacher and dancer he has been asked to participate in various festivals around the world: “Tango en Punta”(Uruguay), “Santiago Maraton”(Chile), “Campeonato Mundial de Tango” as a Jury(Colombia), “Edinburgh Tango Festival”(Scotland), “Ankara Tango Carnaval”(Turkey), “Tango Malevaje”(Denmark), “Soul Tango Festival”(Korea), “Roma Tango Festival"Zucca Tango Festival"Rosso Tango Festival"Apulia Tango Festival”(Italy), among others. He has participated at the shooting of the Argentinian film, “Fermin, Glorias de Tango” and at musical video clip, of the italian rock band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, for his song "La faccia della Luna".

His passion and interest for Tango music, led him to be one of the most recognised Djs of the moment. For the last 6 years he co-organised "El Yeite Tango Club", one of the best and most well-attended milongas in Buenos Aires. He is also responsible, together with Lucas Molina Gazcon, Andres Molina and Martin Bel, for the "Yeite Tango Festival", where teachers, dancers and musicians are calledl for an entire weekend of tango activities for the public.

Elegant, but full of freshness, his dance was created thanks to hours and hours of dancing in the milongas porteñas. The influence of great contemporary tango masters and dancers, as well as the essence of the old “Milongueros” are embodied in every step he takes on a dance floor.

Carla belongs to a generation of dancers that helped transform tango from a popular dance form with virtually no pedagogy, into a highly-sophisticated, deeply-understood art form. This was accomplished through many years of penetrating investigation into its movement technique, technical language and musical interpretation. Carla was an essential part of this investigative process, which has fueled the evolution of the dance, and its explosive popularity worldwide.

Over the years, Carla has devised her own didactic method based on her unique approach to the dance, a system which she has been able to share with colleagues from different generations and styles. She gave courses in different academic institutions, organizations and special events in Buenos Aires, such as La Viruta, CITA, and Festivals of the City Government of Buenos Aires, among others. Since 2013 she runs the popular investigation space ‘La Propuesta’ with Octavio Fernandez in La Viruta and El Juvenil.

In 1994, Carla started learning Argentine Tango, her first teachers were Luis Solanas and Cecilia Troncoso, then she continued her studies with several renowned dancers and teachers as Natalia Games, Gabriel Angió, Graciela Gonzalez, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Giselle Anne, Mariano Frumboli, Claudia Jakobsen, Lucia Mazer


Alejandro and Rosalia began their career together as the choreographic directors and official dancers for “El Arrabal”, the main tango venue in Cordoba, Argentina’s second largest city. There they created the “Ballet Tango Nuestro” [Our Tango Ballet], which earned them first prize for the premier National Tango Contest of Argentinian Universities. There they were chosen as the official dancers for the best orchestras of the province of Cordoba: Orquesta del Maestro Jorge Arduh, Nuevo Quinteto Tango, and Orquesta Remembranzas. Recognition of their skills as dancers was not limited to their home province, and in fact followed them around the country: The couple represented the province of Córdoba in the “1st Festival Patagónico Internacional de Tango” in San Carlos de Bariloche where they performed together with Adriana Varela, Maria Graña, Orquesta El Arranque and others. In the province of La Rioja they performed an homage to the President of Argentina, Carlos Saúl Menem.. In 2004 they were selected to dance with the Mora Godoy dance company of Buenos Aires and performed in the critically-aclaimed “Tanguera,” the renowned musical directed by Mora Godoy. In 2005 they were hired for the show “Sabor a Tango” and become the oficial dance couple for the famous“Esquina Homero Manzi” on the corner of San Juan and Boedo. In March 2006, they were sent to Spain as the sole representatives of Argentina in the 18 Festival de Tango in Granada. There they were joined by artists such as Horacio Ferrer, Leo Sujatovich and the singer Estrella Morente. During the same trip they participated in the 3rd Festival Internacional de Tango en Almería, Spain and the 2nd Festival de Tango in La Ciudad de Sagunto, also in Spain, again performing on the same stage with such artists as Horacio Ferrer, Susana Rinaldi and Leo Sujatovich. In April 2006 Rosalía and Alejandro traveled to México City to participate with the singer Javier Calamaro in the Festival Cultural Zacatecas 2006. In the Dominican Republic they inaugurated the Argentine pavillion during the IX Feria Internacional del Libro in the city of Santo Domingo during the year that Argentina was the honored country. Since 2006 these tango stars have been the official dancers for the prestigious Abasto Plaza Hotel. Rosalía Gasso and Alejandro Barrientos are professional tango performers, instructors, and choreographers, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. . Their love and passion for the culture, music, and poetry of tango shines through at every moment. In 2008 they were summoned by the "Opera House” of the “Colón Theatre” to join the cast of "Maria de Buenos Aires” opera by Horacio Ferrer and Piazzola. In 2009, they choreographed and organized their own tango show “Fever Tango”, and took more than 14 dancers and a complete tango orchestra on tour in Korea with great success. In 2010 and 2011 they alternated shows along with his company at prestigious hotels, halls and venues of the Federal Capital inside and outside the country. They worked in Montevideo , Uruguay with their company in the “Homenaje a La Cumparsita”. Making their performance in the prestigious Teatro Solis in the company of the “Orquesta Matos Rodrigues”. Since the beginning of 2012 they have been traveling through all Asia and Unites States of America. Now days they continue to perform on several stages in Buenos Aires, throughout Argentina, and all over the world.


The creators of the BTF, this year, 10th edition, and directors of the Boulder tango Studio.

Giselle Anne has demonstrated her abilities as a dancer and choreographer by performing in shows such as Tango Argentino, Tango Pasión, Mariano Mores, and Los Solistas de D'Arienzo. She has performed in America, Europe and Japan. During the five years of her residence in Spain (1992-1997), she worked intensely with tango, creating her own ballet, founding a school and inaugurating the “Casa del Tango” (Tango House) in Sevilla. Now with 25 years of experience, the presence and solidity of her dance are balanced perfectly with the beauty of her movements, and this ensures that her dancing is always at the highest level.

It is likely that Gustavo Naveira deserves more credit for the resurgence and renewed popularity of tango (from the 1980s through today) than any other dancer/teacher/performer/choreographer.  Since discovering the dance in the early 1980s, Gustavo has worked tirelessly to bring tango to new audiences, to evolve the dance to a higher level of technique and of structural complexity, and to develop a pedagogy that makes dancing tango at a better level possible for more people.  He has also strived continuously to insure that further development of the dance be grounded in a solid historical foundation.  For this reason, his dancing always has a classic look, even while he is executing the most modern and surprising steps.  As early as 1999, the main Argentine newspaper Clarin stated, “you could say that three stylistic tendencies contend for supremacy [in tango]: Urquiza's style, Almagro's style and Naveira's style.”

Gustavo & Giselle met in 1995 and formed a tango couple, bringing together their already-vast experience with the dance.  Together, they have successfully performed in the most important tango festivals around the world (throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe). They have also performed in the most typical milongas and theaters in Buenos Aires and abroad. Since 2003, they have been teaching in the “tango seminar” format, a method which they created to enable students to genuinely progress in their dance.

Gustavo & Giselle continue to teach and perform worldwide, but are now based in Boulder, CO, where they founded and run the Boulder Tango Studio


Vanessa & Fernando are actual teachers at Boulder Tango Studio.

They have learned the Gustavo & Giselle method and they teach  some of the the Progressive Programs at the school.

They will teach the Beginner class at the Festival in order to introduce new people  to the comunity! This class is FREE and open to everybody.


Rino and Graziella regularly follow their schools in Sicily and Campania, teach and perform in different events in Italy and abroad.

Their goal is to deepen the technical evolution of the tango, transmit improvisation methods, providing through the carrying out of lessons and practices, the essential knowledge to be able to manage and create your own Tango.


has danced Argentine Tango since 1999. A resident of Buenos Aires since 1989, Aldo moved to the city from Tucuman, a province in the Northwest of Argentina where he was born.
Over the course of his dance career, Aldo has studied with many of the great masters of tango including Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Esther Amelio & Mingo Pugliese, Natalia Games & Gabriel Angió, Carolina Bonaventura & Demián Garcia, and others.
Along with his dance partner Ana Lia Carrizo, Aldo won the Metropolitano Championship in 2011, Senior Category. Aldo and Ana Lía also reached the final of the World Tango Championship in 2004, 2010, and 2011. In 2007, they reached the final of the Metropolitano Championship of Tango de Salón.
Aldo has participated in several tango competitions as a jury member including:
• the preliminary Campeonato Mundial de Tango 2018 in Tucumán
• the Campeonato Internacional de Tango de Tucumán 2016 and 2017
• the Campeonato de Tango del Festival de Venado Tuerto 2017
Tango Instruction
Centro Cultural Rojas, Universidad de Buenos Aires: 2005 -2013
Art Studio “El Andar”, Cohglan, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 2006-2009
“Mariposita de San Telmo”, San Telmo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 2007-2008
Maestros at Escuela Argentina de Tango, 2005-2006

La Papelera, Buenos Aires- 2014-2017
Annual teaching tour, Europe and USA, 2005-present
Exhibitions at Milongas and Festivals, Europe and USA, 2005-Exhibitions at Milongas in Buenos Aires, 2005-present,


Well respected by the tango community in Buenos Aires, she has taught and danced at numerous festivals around the world. Along the way she has partnered with some of the most famous tangueros of her generation: Osvaldo Zotto, Fabian Salas and Mariano and 'Chicho' Frumboli, to name a few.

The technical precision, fluidity and elegance of her movements and notable capacity of improvisation characterize her dance.

Her complete knowledge and her passion for teaching makes her a very appreciated and requested tango teacher being invited regularly to give workshops in Europe and North America since 1996. She has taught in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Iceland, Estonia, Denmark, Lebanon, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and United States.

Since its inception in 1999, she has been invited for several years to the Argentine International Tango Congress (C.I.T.A) held annually in Buenos Aires and has participated from 2011 to 2018 in RICE Cello Dance in Rio de Janeiro.


 is one of the most talented of the new generation of Tango dancers in Argentina. From his hometown of Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires), he continues to tirelessly explore the intricacies of this dance. He has been invited to teach and perform in many International Festivals throughout the world and performed in Argentina’s most prestigious theaters. Since 2009 he has been a Master Teacher at the International Argentine Tango Congress (CITA). As a teacher, he transmits his passion for education and wealth of knowledge. Donato’s unparalleled talent is demonstrated by his beautiful dancing, embarking sensitivity, musicality, elegance and precision at every move.

We are pleased to have Juan Santillan ‘El Diablo Santiagueño”, for the first time in Boulder.

He is  a true Master of Argentinian Folklore and will be performing with Omar Ocampo, What a duo !!!

We are very grateful to have such quality teachers, choreographers and performers and one more time living the moment that will be very difficult to forget. Juan Santillan the Diablo Santiagueño will be performing  with the "Boleadoras" and "zapateo": Thursday at Cleo Parker Robison Theater and Sunday at the BTF Milonga.

He was born in northern Argentina and is a world renowned innovator of Argentine Folklore specializing in his spectacular use of the Argentine cowboys’ boleadoras. Juan was discovered at the age of 16 by a well known harmonica player, Hugo Diaz, at the Cosquin Music Festival. Argentina and Buenos Aires. Juan’s many international credits include “Casino de Paris’ in Paris, Sun City South Africa, Harrah’s Lake Tahoe and The Command Performance for The Queen of England at The London Palladium. He was a featured act in Bally’s Jubilee. He makes his home in Las Vegas, bringing the native dances from Argentina to USA.



Oliver Kolker, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer and Tango dancer, who since the age of three, grew up in Argentina, is actually a native born New Yorker. Oliver began dancing Tango in 1997, when he felt he was growing apart from a former girl friend. Very much inspired by his grandmother Beatriz, an amateur Tango Lover and in house Singer, Oliver filled that the tango embodied romance, contact and dialogue- The elements of life and relationships. Oliver was lucky enough to learn with Horacio Godoy, Luis Solanas, Osvaldo Zotto, Roberto Herrera, Graciela Gonzalez, Carlos Copello and Carlitos Perez. In 2005 Oliver arrived to New York to start working in the tango Field, and then the rest of the country. His partner was Luna Palacios. . In 2007 Oliver started performing and teaching with his new partner Silvina Valz. They have been touring all over the world, performing in different Festivals such as: Portland, Tango Festival, Tango Fantasy Miami, Chicago Tango Week, Chicago Mini Tango Festival, Tango Magic Seattle WA, Planetango Moscow Russia, Ann Arbor Tango Festival, Crimean Tango Festival just to name a few. Also together they’ve been teaching workshops all over the US and Europe. Today Oliver is Dancing, Teaching and Producing movies with his business partner Hernan Findling. Togoether they founded Funciona y Kuenta Producciones. Oliver's first project was the acclaimed Movie FERMIN,Glories of Tango that was presented in more than 30 Festivals all Over the World. His primary goal is to teach people how to dance tango in the same way that he was taught, with Passion, knowledge, care and more than anything with TRUTH.