We especially want to thank all the artists, dancers, musicians, Djs, teachers, performers, who have participated in this 10th anniversary of our Boulder Tango Festival. Thanks to their exquisite talent and their tremendously positive energy, we have enjoyed an absolutely wonderful and unforgettable event. We are very happy to have achieved this meeting not only of great artists but also great friends of a lifetime in this immeasurable world of tango.

We also want to thank all our collaborators who provided invaluable help in achieving this event, without which would have been impossible. Thank you for your effort, your dedication and your joy when working.

And finally we want to thank all the people who have attended classes, milongas and theater, giving to the event not only a high level of dance but also that colorful effervescence that feeds the artists through the almost permanent stand ovation. Thank you, thank you all. We will carry forever the memory of this celebration in our hearts.

4 days FULL of TANGO
31 Classes & 3 Milongas with the best!
Saturday All Night Milonga
Spectacular Tango Show At Cleo Theater
10 Tango Couples on stage
Live Tango Music from Buenos Aires
Tango Movie Projection: Fermin 

More than 10 couples of teachers

Free Beginners Class,  Folk Master Class

Tango Shows every night, 3 Milongas, 1 all night

Argentinean Folk Dance Shows

Degustation of Argentinean Wine, Mate

& Food specialties: empanadas, medialunas, etc

Vendors: Tango clothes, shoes, books... etc

Best Dance Floors ever...  Tango Photo Gallery

.... plus the advantage of getting the

Rocky Mountain energy....hmm..

Spectacular Argentine Tango Show

at the 

Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater

in Denver

- Thursday October 3rd -


Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez/Alejandra Hobert & Adrian Veredice/Guillermina Quiroga & Mariano Logiudice/Monica Romero & Omar Ocampo/Carla Marano & Octavio Fernandez/ Nick Jones & Diana Cruz/ Rino Fraina & Graziella Pulvirenti /Rosalía Gasso & Alejandro Barrientos / Diego Amorin & Cecilia Capello / Aldo Romero / Oliver Kolker / Cecilia Gonzalez / Donato Juarez / Diablito Santillan /  Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne


Curra, Huilen Ayelen / Jost, Mauricio Hugo Alfredo / Ferreyra Furno, Lucas Axel / Christe, Lucia /  Garasino, Noelia Paula / Maegli, Roberta / Guzman, Pablo Ricardo / Minondi, Roberto Augusto /  Calvet, Sofia / Regolo, Tomas Ignacio Vladimir.

(playing: Thursday at Cleo Park and Saturday at the milonga)


Fernando Sanchez/ John Miller/ Maria Aldrete/Felipe Martinez / Ariadna naveira / Carla Marano / Donato Juarez


Hotels, apartments and places to stay in Boulder



Jess Rodriguez CMT. Great massage Therapist Specializing in keeping you dancing!


Dominique Verdier. Tango Photo Gallery exposed at BTS.